Depression in Fiction

Depression is a curse. You lost your appetite, you lose energy, you get lethargic and sometimes it gets so bad, you just want to die. People seek medical help, but what if the doctor can't cure you. God promised in His word that he would give us a garment of praise for our spirit of heaviness. Nothing lifts a person up like praising God. Yet to the depressed, it could be a sacrifice. You have to have a willing spirit and sometimes you may have to pray yourself out of it.

Back in 2016, I had my hopes set high, but disappointment sent it crashing to the ground. I had two young adult friends who said they would beta red and they didn't. I had a release party for Baby Blues, but not many people turned out and my author friends from a group weren't there to support me. To add to that, my only aunt died and my cat rejected the cat tree I bought for him. All my hopes crashed to the ground and sent me to depression.
In the above book, Julie faced depression. Why couldn't she conceived? She should have counted her blessings but eth desire in her heart wouldn't go away and married friends made it worst and then the rape happen 
BUT I HAVE NEWS! Just as I have asked God to lift me out of depression, Julie found her way out of it too! You have to read it to find out how. I love my character Julie. Eric and Julie are everything I wanted to be: a  blessed ranch life. My theme song for Baby Blues.

And would you like to know the book I wanted beta read? It's coming out this week! Come to my release party and celebrate with me!


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