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I had once thought I lived a mediocre life. I had tried hard to get ahead. While successful authors gets many reviews and great rankings and sales, I get very few. Was there something wrong with me? God had promised that he would give us abilities that would help us get wealth. (Deuteronomy 8)  yet I received very little ratings. Why is that?
Readers are not ready for my stories. They are so used to traditional writings. Most Christians authors have characters who go to church, pray and read the Bible,  but that's it? I rarely read anything where the character hears from God. Instead, they just live clean lives. They are good Christian characters who lives a normal life. When they read any of my books, they would find more than that. In my Second Chance Series, my heroine starts out like all characters I read about: she is a good Christian who attends church, but she doesn't have a close walk with God, and her boyfriend is unsaved. God has to pull  her away from all that to draw her close to him and he allows her circumstances to help make that decision to leave him and Montana. God did that with me. He pulled me away from an ungodly friendship under the premise of wanting to leave Hanford and everything in it. The only difference is I didn't have a boyfriend to look for me nor did my best friend change before she could find me, but I did draw close to God, and my life did change. Julie changed too. She met a woman in a bookstore and became friends with her. Her new friend is a woman of prayer and is charismatic. She helped Julie draw close to God and in the end, reconcile her newly saved boyfriend. So from there on, Julie is no longer a worldly Christian, but a spirit filled Christian. If this is not your cup of tea, then the book and the next two is not for you. If you are interested, click the link The Past Hunter and it will take you there.
Book 2, Baby Blues is more like a sequel. It continues the story of Julie after she married Eric (the hero of book one) You see more of Julie's spiritual life, but you also see her flaws like you do in any book. You see Julie struggle with her rape trauma and how she tries to draw close to God to receive healing. A reviewer wrote for book 1, that the book is about how to pray. I never thought about that, but that is how she saw it. Book two, then, is how she turns to God after the trauma to God, and she struggles too. It is realistically written, but it offers hope for any woman who had been sexually traumatized. It is called Baby Blues because at the same time the convicted rapist escaped prison, she desires to have a baby. A reviewer wrote that she is dealing with infertility which she is in a way. Why couldn't she conceive if there was nothing wrong with her? Perhaps reading about a sensitive topic is not easy for people and that is why no or very little reviews. I have two from Canada and one from United States? Are you willing to take a chance? Click the link: Baby Blues

In A Man for Beth, you get to meet Beth. If you have read the first two books, you saw glimpse of her, but not her point of view. This is Beth's and a newcomer, Stanley's story. Both had to deal with self esteem and weight loss. To understand Beth more, you would have to read Baby Blues, but to sum it up for you, her traumas had caused her to let go of her weight. "I binge to feel good." Food comforted her. Instead of drawing strength from God, she allowed her negative experiences to shape her. A reviewer found her mother controlling, but on the contrary just wants what's best for her After all, Beth lived with her mother. If she had lived on her own, maybe she would not have met Stan. It is people in Beth's life that helped her gain self esteem and gain courage to date again. I encourage you to read it. This is a Christian Contemporary romance. A Man For Beth

Another book I wrote has the most reviews, and a reader encourage me not to change a thing about it. She loved how I wrote it in spite of being the unpopular onmi pov. Actually, the omnipresent pov is popular with authors like Frank Paretti and Ted Dekker. In 2015, someone at Goodreads listed my book among those two as a top ten Christian Horror. What an honor! I had written this book has an experiment, thinking it would be a paranormal which turned out as horror. So if you like the kind of fiction, here's the link: Purify My Heart

I have a book coming out next month, another book outside the genres I write. Don't be surprise if you see more books like that. The reason is God gives me a story to write. This one came to me when I was lying in bed. If you enjoy fantasy, you will enjoy The Yaphe. I am having a book release party in which you are invited to attend. You will not find anything charismatics. My characters are all Baptist. To learn more, go to Madison News



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