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 It is interesting to note that in spite of what some people tell me, my books aren't selling. It never occurred to me why. I know from  the reviews and what readers tell me, even my editor (who had found many faults with a current work in progress)  that she loved my stories! She even wrote a review for the 1st edition of The Past Hunter before she edited my first book! 

So why aren't my books selling? I promote them as much as I can. I try to excite readers. All I get is a few likes on Facebook. I write under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and maybe that's why. I also write according to my own faith and beliefs. You won't see me write according to what Catholics believe or what Mormons believe. I let the Holy Spirit guide me as I would like to bless and even minister my readers.

My books are seeds for the hearts of readers. Jesus told a parable about the four soils. The soil represents people's heart and the seed is the word of God. All my books aren't for entertainment only. As a reviewer wrote for the first edition, "A lesson for us all." I want readers to get something out of my books besides escapism.  Yet the seeds seem to fall by the wayside where the birds of the air can pick up before the readers can be blessed. I won't give up. Surely, they will reach the right readers.

Perhaps people aren't ready for fresh new romance. They are used to cookie cutter romance. Many authors have Christian characters, but their faith isn't very obvious. They don't talk about God as much or even use scriptures. They are everyday Christians who go to church, read their Bible and pray. My characters pray and you see evidence of them hearing from God almost on a regular basis. Yes, they miss the mark. Yes, they have flaws, but they still talk to God as a friend.

Julie Young formerly Julie Henshaw started out like most romance heroine, but her spiritual life changed after she met another character in The Past Hunter and for that, Julie will be always be a woman of prayer, a woman who worships God and a woman who fellowships with Him.  

Most of my books are that way. My upcoming fantasy have young adults in them. They are like most Christian teens who are trying to fit in, but it is her heritage that makes her different. In fact, any Christian shouldn't fit in because they don't participate in the same flood of dissipation as they are in. (Read 1Peter 4)  In Purify My Heart, my heroine starts out weak but become strong as she learns to overcome evil.

I highly recommend you give my books a read. Starting on June 19-21, I will have all my novellas at .99 cents. I don't have it free often because people don't tend to leave a review for free books. I have spent a lot of time and energy in those books and for the price you would pay, it's a lot more.
So grab yourself a cup of coffee and download one or more than one of my books today! Don't put it off!


  1. You are a gifted author. Sometimes it takes awhile for a seed to grow. Keep trudging. Loving blessings. I believe in you.


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