Why I May Never Rewrite Purify My Heart.

 An author who was reading my book asked me if I plan to rewrite Purify My Heart. It was never in my thought process because the story started out as an experiment. Horror is not my genre to write but I had this story on my heart to write. It's a story of love, forgiveness and redemption and it has none reviews on it--more reviews then my other books on the shelves. While The Past Hunter" When the Past Came Calling received over twenty, most were negative and I struggled with wanting to make it better, but I did. I hired a developmental editor and although it has only 4 reviews, I felt I fulfilled my purpose of rewriting it. Following that I had to rewrite Baby Blues and it has no reviews based in America. (Sigh) Another story I had to rewrite was a Second Chance at Love. It had a bad start. I trusted a publishing company to take care of all the editing and cover making. All they could do was put silhouettes of three people on a  light purple background and worst! They didn't even edit my manuscript. I found out that I had put my ms in the hands of a scam publisher. So since I got my right backs, I rewrote hired a copy editor and still got complaints from readers and authors. I took it down and waited for a better time to rewrite my story.

Purify My Heart was just an experiment. I was hoping paranormal, but it turned into Christian Horror. I did  some rewrites to make ita  little omni pov. People don't like that because you can't get into their heads or stay in their heads long enough but Ted Dekker wrote it that way and so did Frank Peretti. The reason the author asked if I would rewrite it is she had an issue with a scene yet of all nine reviews, even with the negative ones, not one had mentioned a discrepancy. So why should I rewrite it? Maybe if she had agree to beta read before I publish it, I would consider it or if she a publisher I'm contracted with, I would, but she is  just an author who made no promise to review my book at all. She is just one person. I rewrote A Second Chance at Love and The Past Hunter because more than one said in review "Poor grammar" or "too stilted." Granted this author asked in a pm on Facebook, she is still one person.

I have no plans to rewrite anything else  I have new works coming up: The Yaphe, my cozy mysteries, a military romance and my cowboy romance which I hope to have edited and published while in Montana.


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