Update on The Yaphe: Beta Readers needed.

 I have had some feedback on my cover that I wanted to share and explain. The girls you see on the cover are sisters. They discover that their mother is from another dimension. Her people are called the Yaphe. The dimension in which the Yaphe exist is much like heaven. Their society seems perfect but is governed by strict laws that force their mother to leave the Yaphe before her marriage to Prince Leonid.

The two sisters each have an ability, though neither of them wants these "gifts." Faith has dreams about unknown people. These dreams would serve as a warning if they understood it. They are unaware that the Yaphe can track "the outlaw" (their mother) through Faith's nightmares. Later Serene finds she can "become" her mother by entering her mind. Unfortunately that ability is also used against her mother. Their mother can sense when her people are close and she is able to move them each time Faith has a nightmare, but there are dangerous time lags.

Serene just wants a normal life. Tired of moving, she looks for a way to return to their old house. Since it isn't up for sale, her new friend Jacob helps her make the move. When she finds that her mother rented the house, she has no choice but to accept Jacob's help. Serene soon finds out that she has fallen into a trap. She meets Noah, a bounty hunter for the Yaphe, and also her mother's out of wedlock son (but Lily does not know his true identity).

If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for my novel, comment below with your email address. In doing so, you agree to give me feedback within two weeks time. This manuscript is going to my editor the third week of February.


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