Great News of Great Joy!


Here it is Christmas. The bells are ringing and the choir singing (What choir?) People shopping! (Malls are busy) and families are getting ready to open presents, but here is a present you don't even have to open! It is my second chance collection! All three of my books in one ebook and only $5.19! Once the reviews, I will lower the price.

As you can tell, Baby Blues is in the collection and that means you can download the ebook as well. It has a new cover and it is the second edition. I hope you will click and purchase the collection. Or if you rather, click the link below and you can download them individually  because book one and three are on sale. It is my gift to you!

Also if you subscribe to my mailing list, you get A Second Chance at Love for free. And who doesn't love a free book? Click the link in the image to take you to my subscription page.  Also I will enter the new subscribers into a drawing for a chance to win a paperback version of the book below!

Now isn't that great news of GREAT JOY?


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