Baby Blues is here!

In just a matter of days, my e-book will be available for download. So what is my book about? It is book 2 in the second chance series written like a sequel. It is a sequel because in book one, a new problem arose: The villain plots his revenge. It is a series because the hero gets a second chance to protect his wife. In book one, she had him arrested for a crime he didn't commit, but gives him a second chance with her when they clear him of murder and he comes for her in California. In Book 2 they are married, but still have to deal with the villain, but together.
Book two is not a feel good story. The heroine becomes a victim of rape. If that is not something you could read, this book is not for you. If you enjoy suspense in a non romance setting, then you will enjoy Baby Blues. If you have not read book one, I encourage you to download it now. The Past Hunter 

 Since Baby Blues is a new edition of the current one, book three is available for download. You can download it here A Man for Beth   A Man for Beth is a light sweet read dealing with romance of two people who came from hurtful past relationships.

Above is my post card that you are welcome to print out.

A note about my heroines on my covers. I liked the praying pose of the model on book 2, but I couldn't find similar images for book one. And vise versa.  The heroine on book one didn't have a hat on and in book 1 she spent of her time in California, not Montana 



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