Coming Soon: The Re-release of Baby Blues.

Less than 3 years ago, I released Baby Blues. It was hardest book to write. I had taken a turn leading away from my original story idea. I should have written a series and not a sequel, but it turned out that way. It was still about second chances. Prior to writing this, I thought writing a continuation would be part of a series. I wasn't thinking about writing a story about one of the other characters from book 1. I haven't even thought about writing a series until I asked my readers if they would like to see a series. When I did, one responded, but she never read book 2. But I wrote it. I asked myself, "What could go wrong in book 2?" My original plan was marital issues. Julie wanted to have children but Eric didn't, but as I discussed that with other authors, this idea didn't work. God then led me to write on a difficult subject: rape. I
read stories that it happens to young woman, maybe ones who weren't experienced sexual partners. In book one there was a villain who wanted to destroy Eric. You would have to read book 1 to find out more and I encourage yo to do so. I plan to make book 1 free the day before I re-release book 2.  Since the villain still has this vanetta against his half brother, I felt in my heart that the major conflict she would face is not will happen to her but her faith on the line. I hope to encourage ad inspire many women as they read book 2. 
Book two is in the last stages of edits. I am putting the details so that readers will not feel disappointed. At first release, readers disappointed me and I had very little support system. I only had one good review on my book and not many wanted to read it. Hardly anyone showed up at my book launch so this year, book two should not disappoint anyone. One person wrote that she hoped to find ranching scenes which she didn't. I fixed that.  I didn't have a good editor last time. She wanted to charge me for each round of edits and I didn't have the money for that. This year I did and I found an editor who won't charge me each time.
In fact, if you are an author and need a good developmental editor, her name is Martha Reineke. Her website is Let her know that I referred you.


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