The fresh air did me good as I walked down a path, surrounded by trees. I stayed behind people as I carried my backpack. I had a destination in mind and two miles to go, but I would make it.
As I walked, a bench caught my eye. It was a white bench and on it was a gold case. Curiosity got the best of me, and I neared the bench. Upon closer inspection, the gold case had a lock on it as if it had secret information hidden inside.

I looked to my left and right. No one seemed to notice or care that a gold back pack sat on the bench. Should I try opening it? And who left it there? I narrowed my eyes as I suspect that someone may have laid a trap for me. But why? Have I done anything to merit this?

A voice behind me said, "Don't take it."
Who said that? I was alone. I saw no form or person.
"Don't take it"
"Who's there?" 
Off in the distance, two boys were walking  through trees. Could they have left it there? Should I call out to them? What if it didn't belong to them?
Forgetting my own pack, and my destination, I sat next to the gold case and I nearly lost my breath when it magically opened. My eyes widened at the stacks of one hundred bills in the case. A note on top read, "If you should happen to find a gold case of paper money, then your life had just change. You have two choices: You can leave the case and money and go your way or you can take it as a gift from me. You see, I'm dying. I really have no one to give it to so I leave it here in hopes that a good person who could find it. I'm hoping he or she would do the right thing. Greed is evil, but giving is good. Signed, an old man with no heir."
My heart broke which usually doesn't. I never have cried, but this brought me to tears. No heir? The old man wanted someone to do good with the money, I couldn't promise that so sadly, I closed the case, and walked away.

Chapter 2

At the end of the path, I sat on a white bench. I came  fifteen minutes late. Would she forgive me or did she walk away as I walked away from wealth. I was undeserving of that money, but my mind imagined all sorts of things I would do that money.
"You're late!" My girlfriend replied. She came out of nowhere and my mouth dropped open when I saw a gold case in her hand. Was that same gold case I saw earlier? 
"Where did you get that?"
"That's not your business." She sat it down and lifted her running shoes to tie the laces. "What is your business is for you to take this to my contact."
No way would I take that case with me! I felt set up! Did she leave it there and wrote a fake note? My blood boiled. "Is this why you wanted me to meet you? Why couldn't you take it?"
"The instructions was to find someone worthy to take it to its destination and you came to mind."
"I have done nothing worthy of anything!" I counted all my sins for which I paid the price, but I am still unworthy of doing anything good.
And as she read my thoughts. "But you have! Five months ago, my grandmother became sick and drove me to see her. You cancelled out your plans for me. A year ago, you help me break my addiction to cocaine and took me to rehab instead of  breaking up with me."
I bowed my head. I did those things because I love her. Love knows no bounds.
"And one more thing. I saw with my eyes. I watched as you sat next to a gold case, deciding whether to take it or not. If you must know, I put it there to see if you would take it or not. And because you didn't, you showed yourself worthy of what's inside."

What she said was true and I had not realized it. I did a good thing, instead of taking it. Sometimes our good deeds go unnoticed by human eyes, but not by divine eyes. God sees all that we do for other people even though we see that no one cares. God cares and he watches over us. You see, I was once a sinner. I still fall short of God's glory, but he still forgives. He has made us worthy because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. So if you think that no one noticed your good deeds, think again. God will reward you for all the good you do, but you must accept his son and invite him into your heart. Isaiah wrote that our righteous acts are like filthy rags. When we think we have done the right thing to gain God's grace, but we have no relationship, it is worthless to him. 


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