Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My Birthday Giveaway

Last night, I turned 53. I said last night because at exactly at 6 pm on July 21st, I was born. So what did I do on my birthday? What I did, was create a giveaway in advanced and now I have found out it was a bad idea. Why?  71 entries doesn't mean I have new reviews and new downloads and purchases. It means that  many of them entered doing the easy stuff:following my blog, subscribing to my newsletters and things like that. I have a group of readers, but none of them entered. I thought they would. If they did, I didn't see their names. The winner is someone not in my readers group. I wonder though. Did she really brag about my book when she hasn't offered proof. 
I question my life as an author. I struggled from the start and I still do. How do you get your group active? How do you increase readership? I'm going to take some people's ideas, but I'm going to put aside any future stories I want to publish. I spent so much and received very little in return like a bad investment.
I do have some faithful readers. You'll see their reviews on my books. I would like to thank them for their support, they may. If an of them feels I'm too negative, I don't blame them. I will try to change. 
So congrats to the winner. When I get her address, I will send the book bag goodies to her. As for now, the last book that I will publish is Baby Blues which I'm working on the changes, my editor made. 
One other thing, I now have limited money in my bank account because Governor Newsom closed down schools. With bills and everything to pay and until a small sprout of hope shows up, my writing is on hiatus

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

RaffleCopter Birthday Celebration Giveaway

It's my birthday and what better way to celebrate another year, but to celebrate you? I know who my readers are and they are the ones who loves my books so much they want others to know. So to celebrate, I have a giveaway just for you!   One of the options requires you to read a book of min so I'm giving you a week to read any of my novellas. The deadline is next Wednesday! On July 22nd, I will announce the winner in our group.