Writing Romance.

As I self edit Baby Blues, I thought of all the ways I could show a character losing control. In a scene, my main character just came home. My main male character was glad to see her and wanted to hold her. At that time, my mind conjured up him getting his hand under her blouse and wanting to undress, but I said nope. I don't write that kind of romance. Eric is a hard working ranching and although he would love to make love to her, he would not make a public display. Making love was a private act for them and only on occasion (since they are married), will they get a little kissy. My characters never lose control in a ;public setting.
Now, I don't claim to know have read works where the characters do lose control, but I know enough from author posting in public groups, that they have uncontrolled sex or passion for each other. They have bare chested men on their covers (thank God I haven't seen any female nudity) or they all over each other. It seems to me that is all about sex and sexual immorality. The authors of erotic romance have no sense of morality and they love to play it out in the books. I can't even imagine a Christian doing the same. Our minds and hearts should  be pure. Paul wrote to the pure God shows himself  pure. He also wrote that nothing is pure to the wicked.
By the types of romance, you could pretty much tell who is pure and who is not. Sex outside is marriage against biblical standards yet those who aren't pure will write just that. My second book in series involves around my mc who became a victim of rape. Rape is not sex and it is all about power and control. In my story it is about revenge and the villain salivates at the thought of  touching her and dominating her. It gives him pleasure, especially in knowing what it would do to his half brother Eric, Julie's husband. He had wanted Julie for himself since his half brother laid on eyes on her first. Hate and revenge drives Drew to rape Julie.


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