Friday, June 19, 2020

How You Can Help an Author

Authors put in much time and effort, not to mention the cost it takes to make a book great and the appealing to the readers. They write because they want to entertain their readers, and when they do, they like the readers to let them know. It doesn't take much on the part of the reader  to help an author. You can help the reader in this way: purchase paperback and or download the ebook. Most Indie authors charge no more than the price of a cup of coffee and it last longer! Who knows! You may even go back and re-read the book! the second way to help an author is leave an honest review where you purchased the book or downloaded it, and if you have marked it as read, leave it at GoodReads too! The third way is word of mouth.

Purchase and read. Authors pay a lot of money so they can entertain you. They love receiving emails from their fans which is why they put their email address in their books! Christian authors such as myself, not only want to entertain, but bless you. They hope that their book inspired, encouraged or minister to you because they feel that this is their ministry. Sometimes, the authors wants their ranks to go up and get more reviews so they make their books free for a short time. Or if they have written a series, they make book 1 permafree because by doing so, you, the reader would be encouraged to pay for book 2 and or 3. As I said, most Indie books are the price of a coffee or less. So if you can go to a coffee shop and order a latte or an espresso and pay $2-$6, why not download and ebook?

Leave an honest review. Did you like the book? Why or why not? Did it encourage you or bless you? These are the things you can leave on the review and lets potential readers know whether the book is worth reading. Without them, other readers would not know if the book is good or not. Of all my books, only one book has almost ten reviews. I have books that just sits there because no one gives it a chance to read. Sometimes the author likes your review so much that they will use part of it to promote your book.

Word of mouth. Have you ever been to a movie or a restaurant that you thoroughly enjoyed that you have to tell other people about it? Books are the same way. If someone asked me if I know a good book about a certain subject, I could say, "Oh yeah! I have read...." Or if you read your kindle or paperback in a public place, someone might ask what you are reading. This is another good way to spread the word! When you the reader boast about a good book, people are more likely to consider when they hear it from a reader. 

I hope I have encouraged you to help us authors out. It cost very little compared to how much we paid to give you a professional book for you to enjoy. Downloading or purchasing a book causes the authors ranking to go up and its like their paycheck. Reviews helps readers decide whether to make that investment and by sharing what you thought of a book to others helps get the word out.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Birthday/ Giveaway Celebration for Fans Only

In over a month, I will turn 53. Hard to imagine that I'm that old. At the same time, I'm gearing up for a giveaway, but its not for anyone. I have very few faithful fans and readers. Few leave me reviews and others don't, but for those who have, this is for you! Your reviews are so important that I wanted to give you a chance to win a tote bag of goodies. click this link to see a preview of the tote bag:

The winner will also receive a signed copy of my book, A Second Chance at Love and a book mark. I would throw in a kindle, but this will have to do! 

As for a gift card, I have automatically entered  three of my readers to the drawing. If you want to enter the drawing, you must download a copy of any of my ebooks at and leave a review. Since Purify My Heart is not a novella, you don't have to leave a review for that to enter the drawing.

In order to participate in the giveaway, you must join my street team on Facebook and sign an agreement.
Comment below if you would like to join, otherwise you have no chance at winning!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Writing Romance.

As I self edit Baby Blues, I thought of all the ways I could show a character losing control. In a scene, my main character just came home. My main male character was glad to see her and wanted to hold her. At that time, my mind conjured up him getting his hand under her blouse and wanting to undress, but I said nope. I don't write that kind of romance. Eric is a hard working ranching and although he would love to make love to her, he would not make a public display. Making love was a private act for them and only on occasion (since they are married), will they get a little kissy. My characters never lose control in a ;public setting.
Now, I don't claim to know have read works where the characters do lose control, but I know enough from author posting in public groups, that they have uncontrolled sex or passion for each other. They have bare chested men on their covers (thank God I haven't seen any female nudity) or they all over each other. It seems to me that is all about sex and sexual immorality. The authors of erotic romance have no sense of morality and they love to play it out in the books. I can't even imagine a Christian doing the same. Our minds and hearts should  be pure. Paul wrote to the pure God shows himself  pure. He also wrote that nothing is pure to the wicked.
By the types of romance, you could pretty much tell who is pure and who is not. Sex outside is marriage against biblical standards yet those who aren't pure will write just that. My second book in series involves around my mc who became a victim of rape. Rape is not sex and it is all about power and control. In my story it is about revenge and the villain salivates at the thought of  touching her and dominating her. It gives him pleasure, especially in knowing what it would do to his half brother Eric, Julie's husband. He had wanted Julie for himself since his half brother laid on eyes on her first. Hate and revenge drives Drew to rape Julie.