Thursday, May 28, 2020

Why I Won't Attend Church Service During the "Pandemic"

Although I know that Paul or the Hebrew wrote that we should not give up gathering together, I want to make one thing clear: I'm not. What I am doing is postponing doing so until Governor Newsom is no longer our governor or until I am in Montana. Whichever comes first. I refuse to accept what they call the "New Normal" when I am convinced that mandatory mask wearing and social distancing is mainstream media and the left way of trying to control us in a social environment. All it reminds me of is what Paul wrote to the Colossians, "Therefore if you have died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations: do not touch, do not taste.." Do this do that, etc.Yet many quote Romans 13 and although that is all good, but if the
governor told you every morning, you shall drink poisoned water, would you do it? Don't you think it be should within reasons? Yet some people think that the government is restricting with us for our own good. Have people forgotten who Gavin's aunt is? Or don't they know?
We should have complete freedom to worship at church, but if the government is only allowing congregation to worship as long as we wear  a mask, then instead of choosing to go unmasked and defy the "government" if that is what you think it is, I'll stay home. I have no problem keeping my distance because people keep their distance from us in the first place. We attended service for over seven years and we had not made any close connection with anyone.
People fail to see it as part of the deep state and left agenda. They are pushing towards the New World Order or trying to. Getting people to wear a mask will accustomed them to what might actually happen after we are taken out of this world. People are all saying It is better to obey the government. It is our biblical duty or they justify themselves by saying that they respect the medical profession. I do too, but not Dr.Fauci nor WHO, nor CDC. 
As Christians, we should rise above it, not succumb to it. Are we blind that we follow blind guides? You do what is right for you. If you want to give up some of your freedom in order to come together in a building, then do so, but choosing to stay home so I can be mask free is my choice. After all, Jesus said that God is looking for those n spirit and in truth, not in a building. We can watch it online

Friday, May 15, 2020

Second Chance at Love Book Bag Questionaire

Okay so this is not what I had in mind, but you get the idea. I feel so blessed that I want to make an investment in my readers. The book bag will be white with my book cover on it. I want to giveaway to one blessed winner. I hate the word lucky. It sounds so worldly. So imagine this your book bag. In comment below, name three things you would like to see in a book bag. Has to be under $25 total.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Second Chance at Love. Have you read it?

A weak ago, I re-released A Second Chance at Love. I had waited a long time to get my book out there and now I wait for the reviews. I think my book is good enough to read. My editor enjoyed the story and I received three reviews, but most of them are not verified purchases.
So why aren't you reading?
The other day I started reading it myself. I couldn't believe how good my story had gotten. Sometimes I amaze myself.  It wouldn't happen without my amazing editor Martha Reineke. I just wish all you would see how much better it is now. 
The cost of my e-book is only $2.99. Can you beat that? Reason it's that low is because my book is a novella. You could read my book in one day. Give you a little incentive, here is a snippet of my book: (Not for reproducing of any kind):
A light radiated from Marge’s window. His nerves fired up, as the cloaked woman wasn’t in sight. Carter stepped out ready for action. He’d use his charm to win Marge over. What woman wouldn’t be impressed?
 “You can do it!” Martin cheered him on. Martin had more faith in him than he had in himself.
Carter entered numbers into the call box, and the gate opened. He strolled to her apartment. He was the man for the job.
Music spilled out of her apartment, and he stopped mid-stride. What kind of music was that? He didn’t peg her to listen to Christian music. Was her friend there? He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. The lyrics spoke of healing. Marge sought healing from a song?
 He went completely still. Had Marge changed before his eyes? He had to find out. He rushed to the door and knocked. “Marge, are you okay?”
The door swung open. Marge’s eyes glistened. He wanted to reach out to her as Carliano, but he represented his employer. “Are you okay?” He drew his eyebrows together in concern. “Are you sick?”
Her green eyes were red from crying, and she giggled. “A song spoke to me.” She went to lower the volume, then sat on the couch, leaving the door open.
 A song spoke to her? His mind went blank. Gone were questions he wanted to ask. “It can’t be possible,” he thought out loud.
Her mouth fell open. “What’s not?” Her eyes implored him.
“You letting a song speak to you.” He shook his head.
She shrugged. “So why did you come? To see me cry?”
“I...uh...”  What could he say? He couldn’t wrap his mind around what he had heard and witnessed.
“I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask. Are you over me?” Her question made the butterflies squirm. His mind hadn’t thawed from his discovery. Over her? What did she mean by that? He was about to answer, but the words wouldn’t come out. When he didn’t respond, she narrowed her eyes. “Is that why you didn’t write me?” She clenched her jaw.
His adrenaline fired up. He had written her! What did she mean by that? She was the reason why he had come to the states. He shook the thoughts from his head and remembered his job. “Maggie, I don’t know what happened to you, but my employer can help. Please come with me.” He offered his hand.
I can guarantee you that you will enjoy reading my book. If you had it when it first came out or when it was titled Marge, you would see a major difference and improvement. Click this link to download it!  A Second Chance at Love