Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The fresh air did me good as I walked down a path, surrounded by trees. I stayed behind people as I carried my backpack. I had a destination in mind and two miles to go, but I would make it.
As I walked, a bench caught my eye. It was a white bench and on it was a gold case. Curiosity got the best of me, and I neared the bench. Upon closer inspection, the gold case had a lock on it as if it had secret information hidden inside.

I looked to my left and right. No one seemed to notice or care that a gold back pack sat on the bench. Should I try opening it? And who left it there? I narrowed my eyes as I suspect that someone may have laid a trap for me. But why? Have I done anything to merit this?

A voice behind me said, "Don't take it."
Who said that? I was alone. I saw no form or person.
"Don't take it"
"Who's there?" 
Off in the distance, two boys were walking  through trees. Could they have left it there? Should I call out to them? What if it didn't belong to them?
Forgetting my own pack, and my destination, I sat next to the gold case and I nearly lost my breath when it magically opened. My eyes widened at the stacks of one hundred bills in the case. A note on top read, "If you should happen to find a gold case of paper money, then your life had just change. You have two choices: You can leave the case and money and go your way or you can take it as a gift from me. You see, I'm dying. I really have no one to give it to so I leave it here in hopes that a good person who could find it. I'm hoping he or she would do the right thing. Greed is evil, but giving is good. Signed, an old man with no heir."
My heart broke which usually doesn't. I never have cried, but this brought me to tears. No heir? The old man wanted someone to do good with the money, I couldn't promise that so sadly, I closed the case, and walked away.

Chapter 2

At the end of the path, I sat on a white bench. I came  fifteen minutes late. Would she forgive me or did she walk away as I walked away from wealth. I was undeserving of that money, but my mind imagined all sorts of things I would do that money.
"You're late!" My girlfriend replied. She came out of nowhere and my mouth dropped open when I saw a gold case in her hand. Was that same gold case I saw earlier? 
"Where did you get that?"
"That's not your business." She sat it down and lifted her running shoes to tie the laces. "What is your business is for you to take this to my contact."
No way would I take that case with me! I felt set up! Did she leave it there and wrote a fake note? My blood boiled. "Is this why you wanted me to meet you? Why couldn't you take it?"
"The instructions was to find someone worthy to take it to its destination and you came to mind."
"I have done nothing worthy of anything!" I counted all my sins for which I paid the price, but I am still unworthy of doing anything good.
And as she read my thoughts. "But you have! Five months ago, my grandmother became sick and drove me to see her. You cancelled out your plans for me. A year ago, you help me break my addiction to cocaine and took me to rehab instead of  breaking up with me."
I bowed my head. I did those things because I love her. Love knows no bounds.
"And one more thing. I saw with my eyes. I watched as you sat next to a gold case, deciding whether to take it or not. If you must know, I put it there to see if you would take it or not. And because you didn't, you showed yourself worthy of what's inside."

What she said was true and I had not realized it. I did a good thing, instead of taking it. Sometimes our good deeds go unnoticed by human eyes, but not by divine eyes. God sees all that we do for other people even though we see that no one cares. God cares and he watches over us. You see, I was once a sinner. I still fall short of God's glory, but he still forgives. He has made us worthy because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. So if you think that no one noticed your good deeds, think again. God will reward you for all the good you do, but you must accept his son and invite him into your heart. Isaiah wrote that our righteous acts are like filthy rags. When we think we have done the right thing to gain God's grace, but we have no relationship, it is worthless to him. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My Birthday Giveaway

Last night, I turned 53. I said last night because at exactly at 6 pm on July 21st, I was born. So what did I do on my birthday? What I did, was create a giveaway in advanced and now I have found out it was a bad idea. Why?  71 entries doesn't mean I have new reviews and new downloads and purchases. It means that  many of them entered doing the easy stuff:following my blog, subscribing to my newsletters and things like that. I have a group of readers, but none of them entered. I thought they would. If they did, I didn't see their names. The winner is someone not in my readers group. I wonder though. Did she really brag about my book when she hasn't offered proof. 
I question my life as an author. I struggled from the start and I still do. How do you get your group active? How do you increase readership? I'm going to take some people's ideas, but I'm going to put aside any future stories I want to publish. I spent so much and received very little in return like a bad investment.
I do have some faithful readers. You'll see their reviews on my books. I would like to thank them for their support, they may. If an of them feels I'm too negative, I don't blame them. I will try to change. 
So congrats to the winner. When I get her address, I will send the book bag goodies to her. As for now, the last book that I will publish is Baby Blues which I'm working on the changes, my editor made. 
One other thing, I now have limited money in my bank account because Governor Newsom closed down schools. With bills and everything to pay and until a small sprout of hope shows up, my writing is on hiatus

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

RaffleCopter Birthday Celebration Giveaway

It's my birthday and what better way to celebrate another year, but to celebrate you? I know who my readers are and they are the ones who loves my books so much they want others to know. So to celebrate, I have a giveaway just for you!   One of the options requires you to read a book of min so I'm giving you a week to read any of my novellas. The deadline is next Wednesday! On July 22nd, I will announce the winner in our group.

Friday, June 19, 2020

How You Can Help an Author

Authors put in much time and effort, not to mention the cost it takes to make a book great and the appealing to the readers. They write because they want to entertain their readers, and when they do, they like the readers to let them know. It doesn't take much on the part of the reader  to help an author. You can help the reader in this way: purchase paperback and or download the ebook. Most Indie authors charge no more than the price of a cup of coffee and it last longer! Who knows! You may even go back and re-read the book! the second way to help an author is leave an honest review where you purchased the book or downloaded it, and if you have marked it as read, leave it at GoodReads too! The third way is word of mouth.

Purchase and read. Authors pay a lot of money so they can entertain you. They love receiving emails from their fans which is why they put their email address in their books! Christian authors such as myself, not only want to entertain, but bless you. They hope that their book inspired, encouraged or minister to you because they feel that this is their ministry. Sometimes, the authors wants their ranks to go up and get more reviews so they make their books free for a short time. Or if they have written a series, they make book 1 permafree because by doing so, you, the reader would be encouraged to pay for book 2 and or 3. As I said, most Indie books are the price of a coffee or less. So if you can go to a coffee shop and order a latte or an espresso and pay $2-$6, why not download and ebook?

Leave an honest review. Did you like the book? Why or why not? Did it encourage you or bless you? These are the things you can leave on the review and lets potential readers know whether the book is worth reading. Without them, other readers would not know if the book is good or not. Of all my books, only one book has almost ten reviews. I have books that just sits there because no one gives it a chance to read. Sometimes the author likes your review so much that they will use part of it to promote your book.

Word of mouth. Have you ever been to a movie or a restaurant that you thoroughly enjoyed that you have to tell other people about it? Books are the same way. If someone asked me if I know a good book about a certain subject, I could say, "Oh yeah! I have read...." Or if you read your kindle or paperback in a public place, someone might ask what you are reading. This is another good way to spread the word! When you the reader boast about a good book, people are more likely to consider when they hear it from a reader. 

I hope I have encouraged you to help us authors out. It cost very little compared to how much we paid to give you a professional book for you to enjoy. Downloading or purchasing a book causes the authors ranking to go up and its like their paycheck. Reviews helps readers decide whether to make that investment and by sharing what you thought of a book to others helps get the word out.

If you enjoyed any of my books, I encourage you to join my street team. Leave the review first then send me a message.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Birthday/ Giveaway Celebration for Fans Only

In over a month, I will turn 53. Hard to imagine that I'm that old. At the same time, I'm gearing up for a giveaway, but its not for anyone. I have very few faithful fans and readers. Few leave me reviews and others don't, but for those who have, this is for you! Your reviews are so important that I wanted to give you a chance to win a tote bag of goodies. click this link to see a preview of the tote bag: https://www.zazzle.com/z/zl7y4t6s

The winner will also receive a signed copy of my book, A Second Chance at Love and a book mark. I would throw in a kindle, but this will have to do! 

As for a gift card, I have automatically entered  three of my readers to the drawing. If you want to enter the drawing, you must download a copy of any of my ebooks at Amazon.com and leave a review. Since Purify My Heart is not a novella, you don't have to leave a review for that to enter the drawing.

In order to participate in the giveaway, you must join my street team on Facebook and sign an agreement.
Comment below if you would like to join, otherwise you have no chance at winning!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Writing Romance.

As I self edit Baby Blues, I thought of all the ways I could show a character losing control. In a scene, my main character just came home. My main male character was glad to see her and wanted to hold her. At that time, my mind conjured up him getting his hand under her blouse and wanting to undress, but I said nope. I don't write that kind of romance. Eric is a hard working ranching and although he would love to make love to her, he would not make a public display. Making love was a private act for them and only on occasion (since they are married), will they get a little kissy. My characters never lose control in a ;public setting.
Now, I don't claim to know have read works where the characters do lose control, but I know enough from author posting in public groups, that they have uncontrolled sex or passion for each other. They have bare chested men on their covers (thank God I haven't seen any female nudity) or they all over each other. It seems to me that is all about sex and sexual immorality. The authors of erotic romance have no sense of morality and they love to play it out in the books. I can't even imagine a Christian doing the same. Our minds and hearts should  be pure. Paul wrote to the pure God shows himself  pure. He also wrote that nothing is pure to the wicked.
By the types of romance, you could pretty much tell who is pure and who is not. Sex outside is marriage against biblical standards yet those who aren't pure will write just that. My second book in series involves around my mc who became a victim of rape. Rape is not sex and it is all about power and control. In my story it is about revenge and the villain salivates at the thought of  touching her and dominating her. It gives him pleasure, especially in knowing what it would do to his half brother Eric, Julie's husband. He had wanted Julie for himself since his half brother laid on eyes on her first. Hate and revenge drives Drew to rape Julie.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Why I Won't Attend Church Service During the "Pandemic"

Although I know that Paul or the Hebrew wrote that we should not give up gathering together, I want to make one thing clear: I'm not. What I am doing is postponing doing so until Governor Newsom is no longer our governor or until I am in Montana. Whichever comes first. I refuse to accept what they call the "New Normal" when I am convinced that mandatory mask wearing and social distancing is mainstream media and the left way of trying to control us in a social environment. All it reminds me of is what Paul wrote to the Colossians, "Therefore if you have died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations: do not touch, do not taste.." Do this do that, etc.Yet many quote Romans 13 and although that is all good, but if the
governor told you every morning, you shall drink poisoned water, would you do it? Don't you think it be should within reasons? Yet some people think that the government is restricting with us for our own good. Have people forgotten who Gavin's aunt is? Or don't they know?
We should have complete freedom to worship at church, but if the government is only allowing congregation to worship as long as we wear  a mask, then instead of choosing to go unmasked and defy the "government" if that is what you think it is, I'll stay home. I have no problem keeping my distance because people keep their distance from us in the first place. We attended service for over seven years and we had not made any close connection with anyone.
People fail to see it as part of the deep state and left agenda. They are pushing towards the New World Order or trying to. Getting people to wear a mask will accustomed them to what might actually happen after we are taken out of this world. People are all saying It is better to obey the government. It is our biblical duty or they justify themselves by saying that they respect the medical profession. I do too, but not Dr.Fauci nor WHO, nor CDC. 
As Christians, we should rise above it, not succumb to it. Are we blind that we follow blind guides? You do what is right for you. If you want to give up some of your freedom in order to come together in a building, then do so, but choosing to stay home so I can be mask free is my choice. After all, Jesus said that God is looking for those n spirit and in truth, not in a building. We can watch it online

Friday, May 15, 2020

Second Chance at Love Book Bag Questionaire

Okay so this is not what I had in mind, but you get the idea. I feel so blessed that I want to make an investment in my readers. The book bag will be white with my book cover on it. I want to giveaway to one blessed winner. I hate the word lucky. It sounds so worldly. So imagine this your book bag. In comment below, name three things you would like to see in a book bag. Has to be under $25 total.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Second Chance at Love. Have you read it?

A weak ago, I re-released A Second Chance at Love. I had waited a long time to get my book out there and now I wait for the reviews. I think my book is good enough to read. My editor enjoyed the story and I received three reviews, but most of them are not verified purchases.
So why aren't you reading?
The other day I started reading it myself. I couldn't believe how good my story had gotten. Sometimes I amaze myself.  It wouldn't happen without my amazing editor Martha Reineke. I just wish all you would see how much better it is now. 
The cost of my e-book is only $2.99. Can you beat that? Reason it's that low is because my book is a novella. You could read my book in one day. Give you a little incentive, here is a snippet of my book: (Not for reproducing of any kind):
A light radiated from Marge’s window. His nerves fired up, as the cloaked woman wasn’t in sight. Carter stepped out ready for action. He’d use his charm to win Marge over. What woman wouldn’t be impressed?
 “You can do it!” Martin cheered him on. Martin had more faith in him than he had in himself.
Carter entered numbers into the call box, and the gate opened. He strolled to her apartment. He was the man for the job.
Music spilled out of her apartment, and he stopped mid-stride. What kind of music was that? He didn’t peg her to listen to Christian music. Was her friend there? He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. The lyrics spoke of healing. Marge sought healing from a song?
 He went completely still. Had Marge changed before his eyes? He had to find out. He rushed to the door and knocked. “Marge, are you okay?”
The door swung open. Marge’s eyes glistened. He wanted to reach out to her as Carliano, but he represented his employer. “Are you okay?” He drew his eyebrows together in concern. “Are you sick?”
Her green eyes were red from crying, and she giggled. “A song spoke to me.” She went to lower the volume, then sat on the couch, leaving the door open.
 A song spoke to her? His mind went blank. Gone were questions he wanted to ask. “It can’t be possible,” he thought out loud.
Her mouth fell open. “What’s not?” Her eyes implored him.
“You letting a song speak to you.” He shook his head.
She shrugged. “So why did you come? To see me cry?”
“I...uh...”  What could he say? He couldn’t wrap his mind around what he had heard and witnessed.
“I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask. Are you over me?” Her question made the butterflies squirm. His mind hadn’t thawed from his discovery. Over her? What did she mean by that? He was about to answer, but the words wouldn’t come out. When he didn’t respond, she narrowed her eyes. “Is that why you didn’t write me?” She clenched her jaw.
His adrenaline fired up. He had written her! What did she mean by that? She was the reason why he had come to the states. He shook the thoughts from his head and remembered his job. “Maggie, I don’t know what happened to you, but my employer can help. Please come with me.” He offered his hand.
I can guarantee you that you will enjoy reading my book. If you had it when it first came out or when it was titled Marge, you would see a major difference and improvement. Click this link to download it!  A Second Chance at Love