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The Books I Write

 It is interesting to note that in spite of what some people tell me, my books aren't selling. It never occurred to me why. I know from  the reviews and what readers tell me, even my editor (who had found many faults with a current work in progress)  that she loved my stories! She even wrote a review for the 1st edition of The Past Hunter before she edited my first book!  So why aren't my books selling? I promote them as much as I can. I try to excite readers. All I get is a few likes on Facebook. I write under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and maybe that's why. I also write according to my own faith and beliefs. You won't see me write according to what Catholics believe or what Mormons believe. I let the Holy Spirit guide me as I would like to bless and even minister my readers. My books are seeds for the hearts of readers. Jesus told a parable about the four soils. The soil represents people's heart and the seed is the word of God. All my books aren't for

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