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Why I May Never Rewrite Purify My Heart.

 An author who was reading my book asked me if I plan to rewrite Purify My Heart. It was never in my thought process because the story started out as an experiment. Horror is not my genre to write but I had this story on my heart to write. It's a story of love, forgiveness and redemption and it has none reviews on it--more reviews then my other books on the shelves. While The Past Hunter" When the Past Came Calling received over twenty, most were negative and I struggled with wanting to make it better, but I did. I hired a developmental editor and although it has only 4 reviews, I felt I fulfilled my purpose of rewriting it. Following that I had to rewrite Baby Blues and it has no reviews based in America. (Sigh) Another story I had to rewrite was a Second Chance at Love. It had a bad start. I trusted a publishing company to take care of all the editing and cover making. All they could do was put silhouettes of three people on a  light purple background and worst! They didn

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